Pellissippi Academic Center for Excellence (PACE)
Since 2018, I have designed, developed and maintained the PACE WordPress website, including adding event registration capability.


Accessibility of Online Courses Accessibility of Online Course Content website
From 2011 to 2017, I was the Online Development Facilitator and accessibility advocate in Distance learning at Portland Community College. I developed and maintained this website for faculty on how to make their content accessible to students with disabilities.


Portland Community website
From 2005 to 2011, I was the Web Development Technician at Portland Community College. My major responsibilities include updating and developing new sites for the school’s public website.


AAWCC OregonAmerican Association for Women in Community Colleges - Oregon Chapter
In the fall of 2008, I became the web designer for the American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC), Oregon Chapter. I completely redesigned the site incorporating slide shows, video and audio clips and a blog into the site.


Fetch the PaperFetch the Paper website
I designed this website for a monthly newspaper. It has its own search, an RSS feed, and a CSS layout that expands and collapses with each month’s changing content. 2005.


Whimsey ArtWhimsey Art website
My sister Becky is a talented artist and art teacher. We collaborated on this site to sell some of her works of art. 2005.


Digital Real Estate ServicesDigital Real Estate Services website
This commercial and educational site was the motivation for my taking classes at PCC. It is made entirely in Flash. It’s horribly inaccessible I can see now. But it was made for the 800 px wide screens and Flash was cool. 2004.


Camera shooting game  (Designed in Flash, which is no longer supported.)shooting game website
I designed this game to go on the Real Estate photography instructional CD I was planning to make. 2005.


Jon Bial, attorneyJon Bial, Attorney website
A colleague and I designed this lawyer’s website. Our client didn’t want the traditional legal looking site. Instead, he wanted a more personal site with lots of images. 2004.


Some website
It is the first site I ever designed, developed and launched. It highlights the sculpture of my talented father. He wants the art to speak for itself, so it is a pretty simple site. 2004.


My 2005 Portfolio  (Designed in Flash, which is no longer supported.)my online portfolio website in 2005
Ahh…how fast a site can age. I swear it was cool back then. It still has some charm though you have to admit. 2005.