E-learning modules and Training videos

Subject Area Studies

Subject area studies were term-long collaborations with faculty, myself and Disability Services on how to apply universal design for learning (UDL) to their courses. At the end of the term, faculty created a resource report to share lessons learned with their colleagues. Here are the reports from studies that I participated in:

The Accessibility of Online Course Content Website (

Accessibility of Online Course Content website

I developed most of and curated all of the content on this robust, resourceful, how-to website for faculty. I had help with design, layout, and videos from my talented colleague, Supada Amornchat.

The website has explicit step-by-step instructions (and many short, demonstration videos) on how to make D2L web pages, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and Google Docs accessible. It also provides advice and tips for creating accessible multimedia and much, much more.

The Web Accessibility Guidelines Handbook

Web Accessibility Guidelines handbook

The Web Accessibility Guidelines handbook is in its second edition so far. It was beautifully designed by my colleague, Supada Amornchat. I edited the content. We are proud to offer it as a Creative Commons licensed resource.

Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators (WAMOE)


It was an honor and a delight to c0- design and teach this course with Barry Dahl from D2L Open Courses, for 5 weeks, on three different occasions. The course is Creative Commons licensed so others may use the content to help develop their own training courses. The course covers VPATs and third party adoptions, image (and complex image) accessibility,  media accessibility, web page and document accessibility.

The Accessibility Quick Guide

Web accessibility quick guide

I got the idea of a quick guide from North Carolina State University, and with their permission, and Supada’s wonderful design sense,  modified theirs to create one for PCC.

Who’s Responsible for Accessibility of Online Course Content

Who's Responsible for Accessibility of Online Courses

I developed and Supada designed this chart that lists the responsibilities of instructors, Distance Education and Disability Services when it comes to ensuring accessibility. It has been a helpful clarifying document.